Rotating Cardinal Head Screen Saver

If you have a screen saver module that will loop a video file, you can have the rotating Cardinal head at left as your screen saver. One such screen saver module for Mac OS X is SaveHollywood from French developer Stephane Sudre. I found one for Windows called Vial, but when I tested on a Windows 7 PC, it was rather quirky. I managed with some effort to get it to play videos in AVI and WMV format but it left a message on the screen saying I needed to select a video. In view of its shortcomings I'm not linking it, but you can Google it if you want to try it. Maybe it will work better on other versions of Windows.

Anyway, the video is downloadable in MP4, WebM, WMV and AVI formats. If you need another format, tweet @rickmbari and let me know what you want. If possible, I'll make one.

Basketball Ratings

My computerized NCAA basketball ratings are here.

Flaming Text

What shouts louder than ALL CAPS?
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